Covid 19 Crisis Tips for Remodeling

If you were in the middle of a project when this all happened, or perhaps you have one starting soon; there are things you and your contractor can do to stay safe.

These are the steps we are taking!

We think they are good suggestions for anyone who was in the middle of remodel.

The initial visit
• We are conducting initial visits with the project team virtually using the technology at our fingertips. We can achieve a lot with video conferencing, public information and live-group Q&A.

In Your Home
• We are using plastic barriers to isolate the work area from the home.
• We are asking everyone on site to monitor their temperature.
• We have provided supplies for washing hands and disinfecting tools to our teams.
• We’ve trained subs to follow our guidelines.
• For all projects currently scheduled we have ordered all materials and they are being stored in our warehouse. We are working to manage delays due to supply chain issues.

Our Staff
• Our Office Staff & Design Team are working from home, currently only going to client’s homes for mission critical information.
• We are committed to providing paid leave to our staff; if they need to stay at home due to COVID 19.
• All our full time staff are provided with health insurance through the duration of this epidemic.
• Staff are monitoring their health for even mild illness and will stay home if necessary.

Payne Work Station
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