How Much Does a Kitchen Cost in Greater Cleveland, Ohio?

Chances are if you’re curious about the cost of a kitchen remodel in the Greater Cleveland area, you’re already feeling frustrated with or just tired of your current kitchen. Understanding the cost of a kitchen remodel is a great way to know how to budget. We’ll break down the cost and what you can expect at that level of a remodel, as well as a few ideas to include in your brand-new kitchen.


How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen Around Cleveland, Ohio?

No kitchen remodel is the same, however, there are estimates pertaining to different levels of kitchen remodels that are a good reference point to get started. Your unique kitchen remodel cost will be based on size, grade of finishes, types of appliances, custom amenities, and any structural changes. For now, here is a breakdown of the main levels of a kitchen remodel in the Cleveland area as reported by the annual Cost vs Value Report followed by our average kitchen remodel cost experience. Keep in mind, however, that the report takes an average of remodels in the area and may not reflect the standard of quality of all remodeling firms.


Major Kitchen Remodel: Midrange

In a major kitchen remodel as outlined in the report, the cost includes very few structural changes and mostly cosmetic upgrades, which averages around $80,000. No walls are moved or removed, the cabinetry remains in its place, though it is replaced with a new natural wood set, and an island is added, supposing there is space already available to accommodate it. In the report, the kitchen is assumed to be 200 square feet with 30 linear feet of cabinets. 

In this level of remodeling, per the given price, the countertop is replaced with a new laminate countertop, the new sink is a stainless steel double basin sink with a standard faucet and new flooring. As for the appliances, this level includes an energy-efficient range, built-in microwave, dishwasher, and custom lighting.


Major Kitchen Remodel: Upscale

The upscale level of a major kitchen remodel also includes a few structural changes but higher-end finishes. It begins with the same 200 square feet of space with 30 linear feet of cabinets that are updated with custom storage options, like sliding shelves. This level includes natural stone countertops with a ceramic tile backsplash, built-in appliances, a high-end under-mount sink, custom lighting, and wood-look tile flooring. This level, according to the report, averages around $150,000. 


Luxury Cleveland Kitchen Remodel: Cost & Ideas

The upgrades in the kitchens from the Cost vs Value Report do leave much to be desired, unfortunately. Many homeowners look to a kitchen remodel to open the space, whether their kitchen is currently part of a closed floor plan, or a bump-out extension is needed to make an open floor plan more spacious. Removing walls or creating an addition will increase the cost, as will filling that new space with increased custom storage, additional appliances, and even a double island. 

Other considerations outside of the two above remodel levels are the finishes. Rather than a tile backsplash, you may be eyeing the newer trend of a slab backsplash made from quartz or marble. Smart appliances for added convenience and safety may also be on your list. A Bluetooth sound system with invisible in-wall speakers can help to create a fun atmosphere for cooking and entertaining. 

You may be considering a walk-in pantry or butler’s pantry for added storage and convenience. An adjacent mudroom, laundry room, or both could also be on your design-goal list. Many homeowners are opting for a multi-use kitchen with a sitting area for coffee, a breakfast nook, and social islands that leave more room for dining than a standard 3 x 5 island. By adding these spaces and features, you’re creating an impressively functional area of your home that’s also built for entertaining, more quality time with your family and friends, and a space that just feels nice and luxurious. 

To achieve a kitchen remodel at this level, with high-end beautiful finishes, commercial-grade or smart appliances, custom storage, auxiliary rooms, and other added amenities would average around $250,000 to $350,000 or above. 


Our Tip for Your Perfect Kitchen Remodel

In our experience, homeowners tend to regret what they don’t include in a remodel because some finishes and amenities felt frivolous or unnecessary as they were going through the design phase and making decision after decision. 

Our advice? Ask your designer to include both your must-haves and your wishlist in your kitchen design. You can always subtract during the design phase, but adding during construction when you're having second thoughts about leaving your wishlist items out can either be costly or impossible. The lesson is this: it doesn’t hurt to explore your options while working with your designer to see how you’ll feel about the design when it’s right in front of you. 

At Payne & Tompkins Design - Renovations, our goal is to have a client that’s excited to walk into their new space, filled with every finish and feature they’ve imagined. We also strive to create an experience that’s comfortable and enjoyable. We’ve been designing and building spaces for homeowners in Cuyahoga County for over 20 years, building a portfolio of homes that both ourselves and our clients are proud of creating. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about our kitchen remodeling process.

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