Your home’s exterior is the first impression your friends, family, and neighbors have of your home. When you return home from errands or a long day, what do you see? Is it aged windows, a small entry, warped siding, or dated brick? Would you like to be welcomed by an inviting front porch and an updated color palette? 

Update your Cleveland home’s exterior and feel proud of what you see and how your home is presented. It may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what you’d like to change, with either cosmetic and/or structural updates. However, when you partner with a design-build team that’s well-versed in helping a homeowner decipher their exact grievances with their home, the process is suddenly clear. 

At Payne & Tompkins Design + Renovations, we understand that a remodel of any kind can seem overwhelming at first glance. What colors, materials, structural changes, and other details are best to express your personal style? Through collaboration and careful reception, our designers work meticulously to shed light on your design style and the impression you most want to have of your home’s exterior. 

Payne & Tompkins is a full-service design-build firm that can take your exterior remodeling project from concept and inspiration to completion. Our client-centered process begins with a consultation; where we first listen, then work with you to develop a design that leaves you excited to see it come to fruition. It’s why we enjoy the honor of past clients recommending our tailored service to friends and family.

What Are Cleveland Area Homeowners Asking About Exterior Remodeling?

Honesty and transparency are very important to us, and that starts with answering your questions. 

Which exterior renovation adds the most value to a house?

Exterior upgrades top the charts of every return on investment (ROI) report, with some upgrades receiving up to 80% ROI. This includes your entry doorway, windows, siding, garage door, roofing, and even a front or back porch addition.  

Will new windows and doors look okay on my older home?

More than just ‘okay,’ your new windows and doors will look spectacular! How do we know? Newer window and door designs are available in durable materials and construction methods that are meant to replace older windows and doors, but not take away from the home’s original character. New wood windows, for example, are available using techniques that will ensure structural longevity and avoid sagging, warping, and splitting. They are also built to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of new windows without sacrificing style. 

How much will it cost to remodel the exterior of my Ohio home?

This is a very common question for homeowners. The short answer? It depends. We understand that isn’t a satisfying answer, but it’s an honest one. Your product selections, the size of your home, and the extent of your remodel will all factor into the cost, which makes it difficult to provide an estimate here. 

We can, however, provide industry averages for home remodeling in the Cleveland area. Do keep in mind that these are averages and your cost will depend on the factors we mentioned. For example, the Cost vs Value Report estimates that replacing ten windows could cost between $20,000 and $24,000, a garage door replacement averages around $4,000, and replacing 1,250 square feet of siding with fiber-cement siding could cost around $22,000. 

These are only examples, however, so to get a clearer understanding of what your design goals could add up to, we highly recommend reaching out to us for a consultation. 

Let’s Talk About Your Home Renovation

We take great pride in not only our work but our process. At Payne & Tompkins, we have earned a reputation in Cuyahoga County and beyond for creating impeccable design and delivering a construction process that leaves you with a completed project built with superb craft. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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