Custom Home Renovations

Your Inspiration. Your Creation.

A kitchen that becomes the heartbeat of your family home. A bathroom that provides a luxurious escape from the day’s stressors. A basement that transforms from a wasted space to an entertainment complex for your family and friends. If you can envision it, Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovations can bring it to life. It is your inspiration. It is your creation. It is our joy to watch your reaction the first time you step in to the house of your dreams. And it will be your joy to see your friends and family’s reaction to your new home. For high-grade custom home renovations and remodeling in Northeast Ohio, there is only one choice to consider. And that choice is Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovation.

Kitchen Remodeling

Your Family Gathers Here

Nothing brings the family together like food. Whether you are a culinary master or you prefer to heat up someone else’s creations, the kitchen is indiscriminate. A great kitchen is the social hub of your home. It’s where you gather. You’ve always wished for a space that had the room to accommodate those special late-night snack sessions and those intimate Sunday morning breakfasts, and now you can have it. From designing your space to finding the appliances and accents you need to make it perfect, Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovation is the perfect kitchen remodeling contractor to complete your vision. Bon Appetit!

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Basement Renovations

From a Wasted Space to Your Favorite Hangout

Basements are the most versatile areas in the modern home. It’s the perfect area to turn into a family game room. It can be a great “cave” hideaway for watching ballgames or crafting. Looking for a place to entertain? Turn your basement into your own private speakeasy. So many people need that extra bathroom space, and basements are often the perfect place to build a bigger shower or bath space. Whatever you conjure up, Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovation is on board with your custom bathroom remodel. We will assess the space and determine the best way to create your perfect basement. We can’t wait to see what you imagine for your custom basement renovation. Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovations is waiting to hear your story and help you write the next chapter for your family’s basement space!

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Living Room Renovations

From Just Living to Living GREAT

Whether you plan on spending the majority of your downtime relaxing in your new living room or you want to create an entertaining space for those special occasions and guests, rest assured that Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovation is the Northeast Ohio remodeling contractor you can trust to capture the essence of your vision. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your living room space, we are prepared for that as well. We know all of the latest trends and ideas that are working in Cleveland and beyond, and we want to combine those concepts with your thoughts and wishes to create the ideal living quarters for you and your family. Cozy and built for comfort, or opulent and built for elegance – your choice is our passion. Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovation is ready to help you live greater in your living room.

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Whole-Home Renovation

All-Encompassing Home Remodeling

Fixer-upper. For some it’s a great adventure, and you can’t wait to get started. For others, it’s a little intimidating, and you need some help to jumpstart your creative process. Whether your ideas are pouring out or you need assistance getting started, you can trust Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovation with your whole-home renovation project. We also understand that not all home renovations are cosmetic; sometimes a roof leak or compromised foundation make a renovation necessary. We do it all, and we look at your home in its entirety as well as taking each space into consideration, independently, to ensure that your home has flow and continuity while providing solitude and tranquility where necessary. Our designers create beautiful living spaces that can accommodate your lifestyle and remain as practical as they are elegant. Don’t let the scope of your vision impact the end result. Think big, and Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovation will produce perfection with your whole-home remodeling project.

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Historic Renovation

Preserving the Legacy with Modern Innovation

Northeast Ohio is home to some beautiful classic architecture. Preserving the classic homes of this area is vital to the culture of the area, but it can present some unique challenges regarding renovation. There are specific codes and requirements to preserve historic listings, and municipality regulations can vary, making it hard to know what is and isn’t allowed. Payne & Tompkins Design-Renovation is the leading remodeling contractor in Northeast Ohio for historic renovation, and we know the ins and outs of these regulations. So, whether you are looking to stay true to original vision of the legacy builder, or you are looking to put a modern twist on your classic home, we are ready to create. Tell us what you see, and we will make it happen right before your eyes. History starts now.

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