Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Ohio Home

Your house isn’t a home until it’s impeccably furnished with a blend of colors, textures, and details that reflect your personal style. With a myriad of furniture trends and interior design trends to navigate, how will you choose the best furniture for your Ohio home? You could consider interior color trends, contemporary interior design shops, or source vintage furniture at estate sales. But first, keep these tips in mind to help guide your furniture choices for your newly remodeled home.

How Do You Incorporate Personal Taste and Preferences When Selecting Furniture for Your Home?

It just so happens that including more personalization into the home’s interior design has been increasingly on trend for the past few years. Choosing unique colorful furniture and incorporating vintage furniture are just a couple of the trends that have been heartily embraced by homeowners and designers. 

You may find it easy to walk into an interior design shop and choose a favorite piece right away; but how should you go about working that special piece into a room to create a cohesive design? This is where the experience and knowledge of an interior designer will come into play. 

Personalizing Your Space

Your home should reflect your unique personality. You could incorporate custom-designed pieces or personalized accents to ensure your space is a true reflection of your individual style. Handpick pieces that narrate your journey, be it a custom coffee table inspired by travels or an heirloom dressing vanity. These unique items not only offer character, but also infuse the room with stories and memories, making the space truly yours. 

Mixing and Matching with Intent

A coherent theme offers a unified and balanced look, but the magic often lies in the details. Mix antique pieces with contemporary designs or blend different materials and textures. The juxtaposition of old and new, or matte and gloss, can create an enchanting dance of contrasts in a room. Ensure there's a consistent element, perhaps a color or pattern, that strings these diverse pieces together, crafting a harmonious design. 

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How Do I Choose Furniture for My House?

You may have an overall idea of how you’d like to feel in your space, but choosing individual pieces to make it all come together can be understandably difficult. Use these tips to get you started. 

Balance Comfort with Aesthetics

While aesthetic appeal is paramount in luxury design, comfort shouldn't be compromised. Invest in ergonomically designed pieces that offer both opulence and relaxation. Remember, a home should be a haven of comfort. The furniture you select should invite relaxation, encouraging you and your guests to lounge and linger. Combining tactile fabrics, like velvets and silks, with plush cushioning ensures that your furniture is as delightful to use as it is to admire. 

Prioritize Quality 

Exceptional quality furniture is not only a visual treat, but an investment that stands the test of time. Pieces with high-quality craftsmanship offer subtle details that become conversation starters. Their longevity ensures they become cherished heirlooms, passed down through generations. Sourcing antique pieces that have already proven their durability is another great option. A solid wood credenza or a marble-topped mahogany side table will surely serve you well for quite some time. 

Work with a Professional Interior Designer

Many professional interior designers will guide you through furniture lookbooks and accompany you to stores to help you choose pieces for your home. Take advantage of this time by doing homework before your meeting. Peruse interior design websites and idea boards to share with your designer. That way, they’ll have a clear idea of the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve and can create a succinct list of shops and brands that are in line with your vision. 

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What Factors Affect the Choice of Furniture for the House?

Not every piece of furniture will work in any space. Further, you may want to consider particular characteristics, which will also narrow down your choices. 

Consider Your Home's Architectural Features

The epitome of luxury is seamlessly integrating new pieces with your home's architectural features. Your furniture should enhance and complement your home's design. Does your space feature lots of natural wood with a stone fireplace as the focal piece, or is it a bright white contemporary space with a large open floor plan? Detailed trim, built-ins, interior columns, statement ceilings, archways, or any other architectural feature will lend something to the interior design of your space, so keep these elements in mind. 

Understand the Play of Light

How natural and artificial light interacts with your space throughout the day will guide your choices in upholstery colors, finishes, and placements, ensuring that each piece looks its best at any hour. Different materials react uniquely to light; for instance, a mahogany table might radiate warmth under soft lighting, while metallic accents could shimmer brilliantly under natural sunlight. Harnessing this play of shadows and highlights can dramatically elevate your home's ambiance. 

In spaces where natural light is sparse, choosing lighter pieces and reflective surfaces (think white upholstery and glass or glossy side tables) will help carry light more successfully through a room. 

Consider Sustainability

If you view how the furniture is made and how it looks as having equal importance, researching sustainable furniture makers is key. Fortunately, green furniture trends are on the rise, making it easier to find the styles, colors, and materials you’d like to see in your own remodeled home. 

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Preparing to Work with Your Cleveland Interior Designer

Do you already have a collection of heirloom furniture but want to balance your home with new pieces? Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a contemporary sectional for some time now. Or maybe you’re trying to decide how to blend your favorite design styles into one cohesive look. An experienced interior designer will be able to learn about your ideas, help you problem-solve through indecision, and hunt down that perfect piece that ties the room together. 

At Payne & Tompkins Design - Renovations, our team of interior designers are well-versed in any design style to help homeowners create a perfectly-tailored aesthetic. Our beautiful showroom is filled end-to-end with example materials and lookbooks so when you're working with your Payne & Tompkins designer, you can visualize your space more clearly. Your Cleveland area home remodel can be seamless and enjoyable when you work with a design-build team that can provide design, construction, and interior design services–all under one roof. Contact Payne & Tompkins Design - Renovations to schedule a consultation to find out more about our process.

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