Outdated Kitchen Trends in 2023

It’s time to bring your kitchen into current times, with the kitchen trends of 2023. More personalization, smarter storage options, and striking features are what your kitchen needs to offer your everyday experiences something special and welcoming. Which kitchen trends should you consider, and which should you leave in the past for your Cleveland kitchen remodel in 2023?

All-White Kitchens

It’s well-known by now that all-white kitchens are being pushed out for kitchens with much more personality and color. Patterns, textures, and color are being introduced in the kitchen to allow for more personalization. Earthy green cabinets with a butcher block island and black appliances speaks more to your personal style than a starch-white room. It also offers more dimensionality and warmth. Even more playful combinations, like two-toned cabinets in a warm desert tone paired with medium wood stain, are cropping up in kitchens everywhere.


Matte Black Fixtures

Matte black fixtures and hardware have certainly enjoyed their time in the sun. However, the trend is waning while mixed metals and brushed gold are rising in popularity. If a black faucet still calls to you, consider a matte black faucet with brushed gold or chrome details. 

Speaking of faucets, touchless faucets are growing in popularity as more homeowners are realizing their value. Not to mention, as options grow, so does affordability and style. You won’t have to sacrifice your kitchen remodeling budget or style for touchless technology.


Builder-Grade Light Fixtures

Your lighting has the power to carry a lot of your kitchen’s style if you choose wisely. During the design phase of your kitchen remodel, ask your designer to incorporate more designer-level lighting fixtures to explore how it will affect your budget. Chances are, it won’t be by much, and the return you’ll enjoy is more personality and grandeur than builder-grade fixtures could ever deliver. A series of striking pendants, a traditional chandelier, or a mid-century globe fixture could be the difference between just another kitchen and a showstopper.


Small Appliances Out in the Open

You may be very partial to your stand-up mixer, espresso machine, or pasta maker. Keeping these treasures out on the counter, however, can make your kitchen look cluttered–especially if you’re considering incorporating a mix of color and material. The best way to balance experimenting with visual interest is to declutter so as to not overwhelm your space. Talk to your designer about smart storage solutions that will keep these tools in reach while tucking them away. An appliance garage is one way to do this. Another is by designing your kitchen remodel to include a butler’s pantry. A butler’s pantry offers more storage than you knew you needed, as well as an additional sink, and a place for your microwave, an ice maker, and even a small beverage refrigerator.


Subway Tile Backsplashes (Sort of)

Here’s the thing about subway tile: it’s considered timeless, however designers are seeing a lean toward the more interesting and striking as of late. Subway tile has become predictable, going the way of all-white kitchens. It’s not wrong, per se, just overdone and lacking a personal touch. Not to mention, the backsplash design that seems to be growing only more popular by the year is the slab backsplash. It’s easier to clean, absolutely striking, and very sophisticated. If tile is something you’re still interested in, choose something with color, an interesting shape, or vintage tile with a beautiful pattern.


White Marble

It’s a clean look, there’s no doubt. However, white marble is being replaced with marble and quartz with bold veining. Picture a white waterfall stone island top with bold black veins. Even green, orange, or pink marble is becoming more popular as a way to still indulge in luxurious marble, but with more color and interest. 


Standard Factory-Made Cabinets

You don’t have to settle for what’s out there anymore, as more companies are offering custom storage options. How you use your kitchen isn’t standard, so your kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be either. Hidden in-drawer outlets, slide-out shelving, deep lower drawers with dividers–think about what you have and how accessing it could be made more convenient. Your designer will be able to come up with a composition of cabinetry that suits your kitchen and makes sense for you and your family. 


Wall-to-Wall Cabinets

Don’t cover every wall with cabinets and appliances. Instead, make room for natural light to make its way into the space where you’re likely to spend quite a bit of time. Natural light and feeling connected to the outdoors has become a big priority for many homeowners. If you’re limited on space, consider skylights to let in more natural light. Not only will it improve your mood and energy level, but you’ll cut down on the amount of electricity you’ll use during the day as well. 


Workaholic Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands tend to be a place where friends and families gather for great conversation, morning coffee, kids tackling homework, and so many other purposes. Your kitchen island will always be a place for preparing a meal and setting out serving ware but turn your focus more toward dining and gathering. The standard three- or four-chair space isn’t cutting it any longer. Plan for a kitchen island that can do it all, and well. Plenty of space around at least two sides of the island for seating is what most families actually need, rather than just the one side. 

Or, if you have the space, plan for a double island. You’ll retain the prep space with an island to spare for setting out dinner for guests while also offering more seating space. 


Feeling Inspired? It’s Time to Bring in a Professional Remodeler

Your kitchen can be so much more than something you simply tolerate. Make it a space you enjoy–and want others to enjoy as well. Payne & Tompkins Design - Renovations has decades of experience designing gorgeous kitchens that also deliver on functionality. We want you to feel more than just okay with your kitchen, we want you to fall in love with your kitchen. Contact Payne & Tompkins to start planning your dream kitchen today. 


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