9 Outdated Kitchen Trends in 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of kitchen design continues to evolve, leaving certain trends behind while embracing new ones. Here, we'll explore the outdated kitchen trends of 2024, helping you steer clear of passé styles and embrace timeless kitchens. From the fading popularity of specific kitchen styles to the emerging 2024 kitchen trends, we'll delve into what's no longer in vogue while suggesting stylish and current alternatives. Whether you're planning a remodel or simply curious about the latest in kitchen design, this guide will navigate you through the trends to avoid and the timeless kitchen design elements that continue to reign supreme.


1. Fussiness

Fussiness refers to everything from open shelving and loads of small appliances on the countertops to maintenance-heavy materials and a visual overload of textures. We can point to the overreaction to minimalism for the overabundance of materials and layers in kitchens today. More personality in the kitchen feels warm and welcoming, but a fussy kitchen might keep you from wanting to spend more time in this space.

Now it's time to meet somewhere in the middle. Two-toned cabinets, two metal tones, panel-ready appliances, low-maintenance finishes like a slab backsplash, and walk-in pantries can do the trick. These features will help you retain that needed boost of personality while keeping order and serenity in your kitchen.  


2. Say Goodbye to Glass mosaic tile

Glass mosaic tile was at the height of its popularity around a decade ago. That narrow, horizontal tile in varied sizes and colors offered an artistic feel and color or tone variation. Today, it's tempting to continue using glass mosaic tile due to its affordability, making it easier to cover more square footage for less cost. 

What is the trend in backsplash in 2024? A more current and stylish alternative to this widely available tile is glass subway tile. You benefit from the timeless dimensions of subway tile while sporting the reflective and semi-translucent quality of glass. It's also available in lots of colors, ensuring you'll find the perfect shade to match your kitchen's aesthetic. Another popular backsplash option that's quickly becoming a timeless treasure is the slab backsplash. It's easy to maintain and is available in a variety of stylish materials, such as marble, quartz, and terrazzo. 


3. Stainless Steel on Full Display

Stainless steel appliances aren't going anywhere soon, but how they fit into your kitchen's aesthetic is changing. Panel-ready appliances have been creeping up on trends lists for a few years and now, in 2024, we're ready to lean way in. Panel-ready appliances are manufactured with the intention of covering the appliance with cabinet panels that match the rest of the cabinets in your kitchen. It offers continuity and a touch of luxury across your kitchen and reduces the "fussiness" that traditional appliances introduce into the space. 

Another stainless steel mainstay is the range hood. The look is commercial, which was very popular a few years ago. In 2024, however, continuity is key. Use your hood as a design opportunity and accentuate this feature with wood, plaster, or another material that creates cohesion with the surrounding cabinets and backsplash. 


4. Ho-Hum Light Fixtures

Light fixtures carry more design weight than many homeowners realize. As you're working with your designer to choose every fixture and finish in your kitchen, give your lighting a little extra attention. In 2024, choose designer-quality lighting. The extra cost is worth the style it will bring into this space, particularly over your island. The return on high-end lighting is the satisfaction you'll feel bringing in sophistication and style where many would choose builder-grade light fixtures. A series of striking pendants, a sculptural chandelier, or a mid-century globe fixture could be the difference between just another kitchen and a showstopper.


5. Granite Countertops, Again

Granite has fallen in and out of favor for decades. To its credit, it has indeed come a long way from the dark, speckled, visually overstimulating patterns of yesteryear, with some slabs even offering a hint of the veining we all know and love in marble and quartz. However, it just can't stand up to the appeal of other countertop materials, no matter how hard it tries. The maintenance for granite is akin to marble, without the same elevated style. For even easier maintenance, incredible customization, and its ability to mimic marble, quartzite is a fantastic and stylish option. 


6. Hiding Your Happiness

It's the little things that bring us joy when we see them in our everyday lives. Do you have a cookbook collection that brings back memories, a myriad of spices in cute jars, or a glassware collection you inherited from your grandmother? Don't hide them away! There are organized and tidy ways to put these treasures on display while retaining order and visual serenity in your kitchen.

The key to keeping your kitchen tidy while showing off your prized possessions is to exercise restraint. For example, if your collection is large, choose a limited amount to be in view. High-end glassware or crystal behind a glass front cabinet door is a great way to keep them organized, safe from breaking, and within view. For those cute spice jars, work with your designer to create a shallow nook built into the wall with slim metal bars to keep them secure. Those treasured cookbooks? Dedicate one side of your island to a built-in shelf that keeps your cookbooks organized and within reach. 

7. Everything Everywhere All at Once

It may feel like it makes sense to keep your glassware and coffee mugs together, your standup mixer stored alongside other appliances, and your bar tools in the utensil drawer. However, when your kitchen is redesigned to accommodate for zones it will increase its functionality and make it easier for more than one person to use the kitchen at once without doing that frustrating "kitchen dance." 

When you and your designer are considering the layout of your remodeled kitchen, think about keeping items that work together based on function. A baking station, coffee station, and bar station keep all of the items meant for their respective task within one zone, helping you to avoid navigating the entire kitchen to simply make a cup of coffee or prepare a batch of cupcakes.

Reorganizing your kitchen in this way will also make it a lot easier to entertain guests if cocktails are on the menu. Create a built-in bar just off of the kitchen with a beverage cooler, ice maker, and cabinet space for glassware, tools, mixers, and spirits. 


8. Islands at Full Volume

In 2024, we're moving past the massive closed-in island and welcoming islands that feature furniture-type legs. This furniture look offers more style and reduces the amount of visual space your island will consume. Your island will still offer plenty of storage, but if you're worried about losing several cubic feet of space, work with your designer to include a walk-in pantry for larger serving ware and small appliances that would typically be stored in the island. 


9. Single-Note Metals

What are the hardware finish trends for 2024? Using multiple metal tones in one space has been on the rise for years. The key to keeping metal tones in balance, choose two tones that play well together. Matte black and brushed brass, polished chrome and copper, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze are all excellent combinations, offering enough contrast to be interesting and not clash. Many plumbing fixtures, hardware, and light fixtures feature two metal tones, making it even easier to maintain cohesion in your kitchen. 


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