Outdated Bathroom Trends in 2023

Style is personal, but it can also include the latest popular trends. If you’re planning to remodel your Cleveland area bathroom, you’ll want to include trends that feel like you and steer clear of trends that are going out of style in 2023. Which bathroom trends are being retired in 2023? Are white bathrooms finally going out of style? Which bathroom tiles are out and which are in? Learn about the trends that are out in 2023 to make sure your bathroom remodel looks fresh and stylish.

Vessel Basins

Vessel basins became popular for their sculptural and contemporary aesthetic. However, they've fallen out of style again in 2023. First, they are frustratingly difficult to properly clean. The point where the basin meets the countertop is nearly unreachable, causing a build-up of water and grime. If there are kids in the home, a vessel sink can be difficult to effectively use without making a decent mess. Without a stepstool nearby or a lowered vanity to make up for the added height, they are simply impractical. 

Speaking of messes, they are prone to overflowing because they lack an overflow drain that other sink styles have. Also, because vessel basins have a single point of connection to the countertop, they can become loose over time. Sure, this issue could be an easy fix, but added maintenance isn't something most homeowners are looking for when choosing bathroom fixtures. 



Along the same lines as the all-white bathroom, stark minimalism is being nudged out by more personalized spaces. Stepping away from minimalism doesn’t mean inviting clutter or ornate details into the bathroom, but instead simply making the space more aesthetically comfortable.

Want to hold onto some minimalistic features but really make the space your own? Choose a vanity with flat front doors, but in natural wood. Add a statement lighting fixture in the center of the room, along with accent lighting beside the vanity and above the freestanding tub. Choose a tile that isn’t busy but in an interesting shape or color. And, of course, add a few live plants to make your space more inviting. 



Built-in jetted tubs

A jetted bathtub may seem like a good idea in theory, but the traditional built-in tub takes up an incredible amount of precious square footage. This version of the jetted tub is also visually unsightly. The built-in jetted tub also takes up a lot of visual space, forcing a homeowner and designer to design around it, rather than being able to gracefully incorporate it. 

If you still desire the relaxation of a jetted tub but want to avoid the outdated visual of the monolithic built-in, many stylish and trending freestanding tubs are available today with jets, warming tub walls, and more. By the looks of these freestanding tubs, you wouldn't know that they're jetted, and that's the point. They blend in seamlessly with their non-jetted counterparts. 


Faux Wood Tile Flooring 

We've seen wood look tile of various materials flood trend articles for years. They're less expensive than hardwood, very durable, and come in the full array of shades and grain types. However, in 2023, using these faux wood tiles in the bathroom is becoming faux pas. The oversaturation of this material used for bathroom floors is likely the culprit, making it a little too predictable for many homeowners and designers. 

Avoid this overused flooring tile and go for a cleaner look. Large format tiles, like 24" x 48" marble tiles, offer a clean palette to experiment with colors and textures elsewhere in your bathroom. They work perfectly with the spa bathroom style that's become very popular over the past couple of years. 


Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures

Oil-rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures have been around for quite some time. They were a great addition to the modern farmhouse style that was popular for the last 20 years. As design style trends have shifted, we're putting these fixtures on the outdated list. The dark neutral color is what many found appealing about oil-rubbed bronze, but now the finish reads a too traditional. To achieve the same depth with a more modern flair, choose matte black plumbing fixtures. The tone is very agreeable with every style. Because matte black has risen in popularity, and will continue to do so in 2023, the color is available in virtually any style. 


Glass Block Windows

There’s more than one way to let natural light into your bathroom and provide needed privacy, but glass blocks are no longer one of them in 2023. One reason is that it’s difficult to make glass blocks look sophisticated. They’re bulky and visually clunky, taking away from the calming atmosphere bathrooms should offer. Instead, go for textured or filtered glass in your bathroom window or on your shower enclosure if more privacy is the goal. You could also forgo a window altogether and go for skylights, though you’ll be missing out on the aesthetic advantages a nice large window can provide.


Framless Vanity Bathroom Outdated Trends Ohio


Frameless Vanity Mirrors

Personality is the name of the game in 2023, and frameless mirrors provide very little if any. A simple frame in a natural wood tone, matte black, or gold will add just enough style to coordinate with the rest of the space. The vanity mirror is also a great way to exercise some personal style while being an easy décor item to change out when you’re ready for an update. 


Avoid Investing in a Remodel That Will Look Dated Right Away

Bathrooms should provide an environment that helps you feel rejuvenated or relaxed, depending on the time of day. It’s also a room filled with function but should be designed with a style all your own. That can seem like a lot for one small room to fulfill, but it’s possible when you work with a design-build team with the design knowledge and experience to pull it off with ease. 

Payne & Tompkins Design + Renovations is a full-service design-build firm with several designers on staff ready to help you choose every detail that feels authentic while staying on trend. Schedule a consultation and we’ll help guide you through a stress-free remodeling process that results in a space that’s expertly designed and perfectly functional. 


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